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The thriving urban hub that is Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Ottawa is home to more than one million people and is rated in the number two slot, out of all of the Americas, in terms of its high quality of living. Featuring picturesque building, alongside more functional municipal building and constructs, the city boasts architecture which is the perfect blend between romance and functionality.

Ottawa’s welcoming atmosphere, as well as its hospitable denizens, makes this Canadian city a tourist hotspot. Its lively streets, its beautiful museums and parks, as well as its impressive commercial centres, are just some of the city’s more popular attractions.

Representing Canada and its impressive rough and polished diamond output, Ottawa is home to some of the world’s most renowned jewellery designers and high-end jewellery stores. A customer who is looking for an exceptionally high quality, beautifully designed engagement ring, wedding ring, or any other type of jewellery for that matter, would do well to search Ottawa’s many jewellery stores.

Shopping for loose diamonds or fine pieces of jewellery in Ottawa is especially recommended for customers who wish to verify the origin and the status of the diamonds and/or precious gemstones which they are planning to purchase, as Canada is known for its unconditional support of the Kimberly Process, whose function is to determine the validity of globally traded diamonds.


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