Learn About Ring Finishes

Determining the final look of the ring, ring finishing is the last stage of craftsmanship before the ring is thought to be ready to wear, hence the name ring finishes. Ring finish is actually the treatment of the outer surface of the ring, which gives the band its ultimate look and feel. The purpose of ring finishes is to highlight the radiance of the precious metal you choose for your ring, as well as the ring’s unique design. As with all jewelry decisions, ring finishes are a matter of style and personal preference, reflecting the personality of the wearer.

Popular Ring Finishes

Rings are available in a varying scale of polish, ranging from polished ring finishes to rough surfaces. The three most popular ring finishes are polished, satin, and brushed.

The Polished Ring Finish

Polished ring finishes are the most popular choice among jewellery consumers, as they provide what has come to be known as a classic, traditional appearance. This is a ring finish that tends to be noticed due to its shine, hence the name “polished”. In fact, polished rings finishes are so shiny that you can view your own reflection in a polished ring. Therefore, polished ring finishes are ideal for emphasizing the lustre of your ring’s metal.

The Satin Ring Finish 

Satin ring finishes are a close second in popularity among jewellery consumers, ranked immediately after polished ring finishes. Much like the polished ring finish, the satin ring finish is very smooth, yet it lacks the reflective quality of polished rings. Therefore, it is the ultimate choice for those who want the polished ring’s smoothness, without the shine. Satin finished rings are somewhat reflective, yet rather foggy, much like a foggy mirror. The satin finish emits a gentle glow, offering a soft, lustrous, mature appearance with an almost satiny look and feel, hence the name “satin”. The very fine brushed lines on satin finished rings give them the added advantage of hiding slight scratches in the precious metal of the band. Another valued quality of the satin ring finish is that it wears to a dull shine of the precious metal’s natural colour.
The Brushed Ring Finish

Brushed ring finishes are non-reflective finishes with a subtle, tasteful shimmer. Similar to the satin ring finish, the brushed finish lacks shine. Still, what it lacks in shine, it makes up for in texture. In fact, the main difference between satin and brushed ring finishes is the brushed ring’s fine shimmering texture. This ring finish is created with a texturing method applied to precious metal bands. In this process, minuscule lines are etched onto the surface of the ring in succession by means of a brush made of wire, thus the name “brushed” ring finish.

The Hammered Ring Finish

Made popular by its unique appearance, the hammered ring finish is a definite crowd favourite. Known for its incredible contours and unusual aesthetics, the hammered ting finish is used to add texture to the ring’s precious metal band. Using a light hammer along the band’s surface, a jeweller will create a textured, distressed look designed to enhance the amount of light reflected by the ring’s textured band, producing an eye-catching, one of a kind ring.
The Florentine Ring Finish

Applied with a practiced hand and a line graver, a Florentine finished ring features delicate, textured criss-cross patterns resembling ridged diamond-cuts along the band’s surface. Florentine ring finishes were designed to add a touch of romance and sophistication to a ring, its contours and lines meant to complement a diamond centre stone’s natural brilliance and sparkle by reflecting light back up to the diamond centre.
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